All Vinyl DJ & Record Collector in NYC

Kristine lives, breathes and eats vinyl!  She is always scouring the globe on a blackcrack thirsty hunt for the elusive undiscovered or under appreciated record you never heard of! With over a decade of experience playing in venues all over the world, she also has consulted as a music supervisor and sound designer for a variety of top designers and directors. With a record collection somewhere near the 10,000 mark, Kristine weaves together genres from all over the world with her signature sound and style.


Kristine lovingly shares her affinity for obscure oddities in her record collection whilst peppering in covers from all over the world. Her radio DJ style doesn't stray to too far from her sets at music venues and parties around the globe. No genre is safe in this radio program. Priding herself on her ability to bridge the gap between genres, no two sets will ever be the same. Short Bio: "There are DJs, and then there are people like Kristine Barilli, who live, eat, breathe, and sleep record culture (buying, selling, and playing). In fact, born and raised in The City That Never Sleeps, Barilli does a pretty amazing job of keeping everyone else up at all hours, thanks to a vinyl collection she’s literally curated from the far corners of the world, recently making trips to the largest record fair in the world (Utrecht, Netherlands ) and buying trips in Tokyo & Bangkok.