Kristine Barilli's records and DJ sets have been featured in numerous publications

Self-described “disc jockette” Kristine Barilli earned her stripes behind the ones and twos of shuttered Chelsea hotspot, Beatrice Inn (owned by none other than Paul Sevigny; yes, that Sevigny). These days, the born-and-bred New Yorker — “Lawng Guyland by way of Brooklyn” — spins at parties all over the city, from The Woods and No Name Bar in Brooklyn to The Standard Hotel. In her free time, you can find her trolling stoop sales in Brooklyn to turn up rare records and pop-culture ephemera.
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Kristine is one of our treasured DJ’s who performs in the Living Room every Saturday at The Standard, New York. She’s a bona fide collector of diverse music considering all the genre’s she spins. Kristine stops a second to answer a few questions on her favorite music and her earliest memories crushing on Elvis.
— The Standard Culture
A self proclaimed record hound, Kristine Barilli hunts for records every chance she gets. From stoop sales to the largest fair in the world in Utrecht Netherlands shes always on the hunt for something new and exciting.
— The Ace Hotel

"There are DJs, and then there are people like Kristine Barilli, who live, eat, breathe, and sleep record culture (buying, selling, and playing). In fact, born and raised in The City That Never Sleeps, Barilli does a pretty amazing job of keeping everyone else up at all hours, thanks to a vinyl collection she’s literally curated from the far corners of the world (she was just in Utrecht, Netherlands, for the world’s largest record fair)."

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